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Johanna Sibylla Krausmann: Album Amicorum inscription depicting a muse and a genius, drawn 18 November 1705 (Utrecht, university library).

Monday, June 17th, for fridays n° 35 and 36 (June 14th and 21th, 2019)

Honesty is my only excuse

As you see you don’t see anything: at least no blog post, although that for my 35th project friday is already long overdue. The reason for this is plain and simple: I failed to do it. And I will not make it this week either. For this week, I got the excuse that I am going to present part of my project at the 8th Gewina Woudschouten meeting that day and will have to prepare this instead of my blog post. For last week, I can only say I was overworked with other duties and just could not do it. Even if you cut down on sleep, there are only 24 hours in a day. I hope this will get better, at least I promise to deliver a post for friday n° 37 at the very latest. But at the moment the project turns out to be very time-consuming and tiresome, and then there’s always family and other stuff related to the post I’ll return to at Düsseldorf university in September. But be that as it may, I’ll be back on this channel soon with something more interesting (at least I hope it will be). See you then!

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